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Helping trust and estate organizations of all sizes
get on top of their settlement, administration
and planning workloads since 2005.

Who We Are

The original idea for EstateWorks back in the early 2000s was to provide settlement and planning facilities to individual consumers.

Of course, the potential complexites of the estate field soon became apparent!

The focus shifted to supporting professionals and the EstateWorks platform has been used by law firms and financial institutions since 2005.

Over the next few years, the original creators found their focus shifting away from trust and estate workflow, resulting in sale of the EstateWorks platform to Paul Edwards and EstateWorks Systems in 2012.

Paul has a background managing a variety of software companies, but the interest in EstateWorks was stimulated by personal experience when his own estate planning attorneys dropped several balls relating to his affairs. Subsequent research brought to light the operational challenges behind the client-facing specialty expertise and polish.

Since 2012, we have continued to develop and maintain EstateWorks as the preeminent workflow platform for trust and estate orgainzations.

Our team members based in MA and FL apply their years of experience in legal technology, management and training to address the challenges of running efficient Trust and Estates organizations.

Firms We Work With

We Understand the Operational Challenges Facing a
Trust & Estates Practice that Your Clients Never See

  • Protracted multi-disciplinary processes of Estate Settlement

  • Continuous demands of
    Estate Planning

  • Financial and reputational penalties for missing deadlines.

  • Maintenance of team communication and trust under pressure

  • Volume of data and work product to be collected, marshalled and stored

  • Time spent fixing processes versus managing clients and practicing the art

Rely on EstateWorks So Clients Can Rely on You

  • Capture the Way You Do Business

    Customizable Master Checklists for different case types lay out the way that you want work be done.

  • Minimize the Risk of Missing Deadlines

    Tasks are assigned to team members with specific due dates. Reminders and reporting help prevent things from falling through the cracks.

  • See Where Things are On-Track….Or Not

    Transparent case data, on-demand reports and scheduled email alerts provide a status overview at the Case, Individual, Team and Firm levels.

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Our Unique Process

We work with you to configure EstateWorks around how you want to do business.

  • Initial Setup

    We help you to develop the Processes, Tasks, Due Date rules and Case Team allocations for your Master Checklists. We also gather information about security rules and specific users, and other configuration options.

  • Training

    EstateWorks is then configured in accordance with the information from the previous step and is ready for use. Virtual hands-on training focussed on orientation and confidence-building follows.

  • Ongoing Support

    Further specialized training is provided as-needed basis. Support is provided on an ongoing basis, along with training for new users.

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After working with hundreds of Trust & Estates organizations, we understand the operational challenges you face. Learn more about how to achieve efficiency through our resource library.

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