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So configurable “out of the box”,
only 10% of our customers make
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A Process Built for Success

You’ll not only receive support for current approaches but options for evolution down the line as well.
Using EstateWorks doesn't mean you have to change the way you do things
- it means doing things more efficiently.
The us walk you through the process of going live.

  • 1. Setup & Configuration

    You'll receive our default Master Settlement Checklists for your state or states, and will work with us to customize them to reflect the way you want to have Estate Settlement conducted within your organization:
    - Processes
    - Tasks
    - Due Dates
    - Case Team Allocations

    We will work with you to highlight any issues that we see in your draft checklists and to make them consistent in tone with your organization's culture.

    You and your IT department will gather information about security rules and specific users, as well as some other configuration options - do you prefer to treat couples as 1 or 2 clients when preparing Estate Plans, for example.

    If you need pre-existing data uploading, Single Sign On or 2 Factor Authentication, we will work with the appropriate people within your organization to get it done.

  • 2. Initial Training

    Your version of EstateWorks is set up in accordance with your firm's operational preferences and security requirements.

    All users will receive virtual hands-on training focussed on orientation and confidence-building, so that everyone Is ready to use EstateWorks for real work.

    You will also learn how to develop your Master Planning Checklists and your Planning Document Catalog from the default versions.

    (We are also happy to do this for you, but as these elements are much more straightforward than the Settlement Checklist, most firms feel very comfortable finalizing these themselves.)

  • 3. Ongoing Support & Advanced Training

    You'll receive support from our team on an ongoing basis as required. Initial contact is typically made by an email to our support desk from where the issue is allocated to the most appropriate member of our team for response. Most issues are addressed within minutes.

    Some users may need further specialized training to cover topics such as creating templates for document generation or interfacing with valuation and 706 software platforms. This is typically handled directly by our team 1:1.

    Your new users can also receive training from our team - although this frequently evolves to a function that your super-users perform: they become the experts on the ways that your organization leverages EstateWorks.

    As you develop confidence in the ability of EstateWorks to present case information, track workload and alert people to tasks that are coming due, your team may decide to streamline your Master Checklist: consolidating tasks, for example. You have the ability to do this at anytime but we are happy to assist or observe as required.

    As your team uses EstateWorks, they will work with us to identify additional configuration options that can be adjusted, or features that it may make sense to add to the core product.

    Occasionally some teams will request some significant customizations. For example, you may want your version of a "Master Chart" that can be used to summarize the activity status of the practice in a particular format or with different components to the standard reports that are available within EstateWorks.

    We will work with you to prepare a specification, discuss the cost implications of various options for content or delivery and then agree a Statement of Work.

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